What service business doesn’t want to get booked solid? We’ve pulled together our favorite tips for converting your window shoppers into appointment bookings.

1. Promote a Single Call to Action

Give the visitor a single action you want them to take (make an appointment!) and make sure that “call to action” is easy to find. This could be a prominent “Book Now” button on your website’s homepage or a link right in your navigation.

2. Be Bookable 24/7

What’s better than getting appointments while you sleep? Giving your customers the convenience to make an appointment while you sleep. Use an online form or appointment-booking software to accept appointments around the clock.

3. Be Ready to Assist

Sometimes your customer will want to ask a few questions before making a booking. Provide your phone number, online chat, or your email address so they can get their questions answered.

4. Make Your Address Findable

People often want to understand how far away your business is from their starting point, so make it easy to find your street address by putting it on a Contact Us page or, even better, in the footer of every page.

5. Link from Your Social Media Accounts

Whether you use appointment-booking software or a form on your website, promote the ability to “book now” right from your social media accounts.
What will you do to help your lookers become bookers?