Project Description

Founded by Tress Hotzel, Deeper Decisions helps those people who are tired of feeling stuck. Tress helps smart (but frustratingly stuck people) stop the tortures of indecision – the what-ifs, the fear of judgment or failure, and the endless worry. For those who want to move forward in life, they work with Tress to clear the mental clutter and move forward! 

Referred to Jottful by a friend, Tress had already gone through two iterations of her website. She had built her own, which was a painstaking and frustrating experience.

Honestly, back-end website stuff is just gibberish to me and I really didn’t want to put in the hours. Sure, I could become a master carpenter in a decade or so, but it’s just not time I want to spend on something I don’t care to be good at.

Then, she had a friend build one for her. She got a reasonable website, but she didn’t love it and had trouble maintaining the WordPress site. We’ll let Tress tell you how she felt after working with Jottful…

“I’m going to CRY! My website is FABULOUS! There are a couple of tiny tweaks I’ll make in the copy, but overall this is phenomenal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing all the stuff that I don’t want to spend the time trying to learn – you make my life BETTER!”

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