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Designs with Aim
Ypsilanti, Michigan

My husband and I work in our own graphic design business here in Ypsilanti, and we work with everything from large corporations (like Pepsi & Frito-Lay) to small non-profits (like Wild Swan Theater and Jackson School of the Arts).

We design everything from simple identity pieces, to point of sale displays. Print and digital. Everyday is an adventure with our work…and we love it that way!

We work within the client’s budget and do our best to create the desired design as efficiently as possible. We try to work with vendors for printing/marketing materials here in our great mitten state.

TOTAL Marketing LLC
New Haven, Connecticut

A complete marketing services company focused on small and medium sized companies. Our services include copywriting, databases, email campaigns, and social media marketing. Particular expertise in the architecture, construction and building markets.

Ryan Alexander
Chicago, Illinois 60657

I understand the needs of businesses. I specialize in helping businesses grow through effective communication plans and strategic marketing efforts. I am also a master of social media and have experience with design—proving I am an asset to any organization in today’s business world. With additional background in development, fundraising, and event planning, I am adept in client relations, team building, and problem-solving.

TEPHRAMIRIAM Communications & Publishing
Chicago, Illinois

The work that I do with Tephra Miriam Communications & Publishing definitely covers a broader spectrum than most. What it comes down to is this. It’s difficult for companies to produce creative artifacts if they lack vision and a centralized mission. Therefore:

I work to infuse organizations with creative artifacts that reflect a strong vision and purpose. These artifacts can include anything and everything from crafting core values and creating an internal communication campaign surrounding that to internal training initiatives, drafting curriculum and/or competencies, designing innovation programs, producing internal podcasts in order to increase engagement, producing videos for training, branding and/or recruiting and much more!

The TM COM & PUB Story
When I first founded TM Com & Pub I wanted it to be so much more than just a business. In fact, I had to start with a philosophy. That philosophy is and always will be Service, Education & Thought Leadership.

1.) SERVICE – Owning a business enlarges your obligation to society. It’s not only about revenue and the bottom line. It’s about our impact on the world and society. It’s about finding ways to serve in the community.

2.) EDUCATION – Owning a business enlarges your obligation to contribute to a body of knowledge. We must not only be consumers but givers of knowledge and cultivators of each others destiny.

3.) THOUGHT LEADERSHIP – Owning a business enlarges your obligation to influence thought positively. We must always seek to inspire.

Communications is about building a strong bond between people and organizations. This is the premise that made companies like Apple unbeatable in the beginning. How do we build bonds and strong connections to the consumer?

We must understand the international complexities of our global market, which requires the ability to understand diverse avenues of commerce, people and culture.

We must realize that the consumer has changed. There was a time when companies had power in society as the consumers access to information was limited. The modern era has brought with it access to an abundance of information. Consumers can now form opinions and have options as to where to spend money and conduct business.

Ultimately, my mantra is and always will be that active communications strategies create forward momentum.

Shebang! Creative Content-2-Consulting
Chicago, Illinois

The whole reason I do what I do – other than for the creative enjoyment of it – is to help your business thrive. How so? By taking my writing skills and imagination and channeling them into a strategic-oriented mindset that uses common sense, along with an ability to ignore the irrelevant and zero in on the important.

Every service, every product – even the humble widget – has an intrinsic drama. I happen to love ferreting it out and providing you with numerous solutions to any given challenge. It’s what I do – and have done successfully for companies from Fortune 100’s to entrepreneurial start-ups. Here’s what else I do (that clients happen to love): hit the ground running. Even in 6” platforms.

Attention-getting, award-winning work is gratifying. But great results? Even more so. My goal, every time, is to give you both.

For samples customized to your needs and/or my resume, please contact me either through LinkedIn or at



Honed my advertising chops for 12 years at J. Walter Thompson/Chicago, writing, strategizing, concepting, presenting and kibbitzing all the way up to Creative Director.

At JWT and as an indie, I’ve helped create, strengthen and build brands for dozens upon dozens of accounts, products and services, ranging from Boeing Aircraft to Kibbles ‘n Bits to United Way/Crusade of Mercy.

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