Callista Bond

When I describe myself to others, the first word that comes to mind is “creative”.
I work from a palette of wide-ranging experience, acquired skills and most importantly passion. I chose to be an artist/designer first and foremost because I love it. How often can you say, “I love my job!” and mean it? It’s a rewarding life experience. But lets be realistic, it still takes a lot of time and hard work too.
I look at each project I work on, no matter how big or small, as an opportunity to gain experience and improve myself as a designer, a professional and a communicator. My goal is to create something that my client’s love, that communicates and fulfills its purpose, is truly original, as well as something I am proud of. It’s a process to get there. Sometimes there will be a few kinks to work out, but the end result is rewarding.

Specializing in:

Logos, Company Branding, Taglines, Business Cards, Letterhead, Print Design, Marketing & Advertising.

Custom Photo Shoots, Product Photography and Business Portraits.

Website Graphics, Digital Banners & Advertisements, Web Art Direction.

Custom Labels, Onserts, Inserts, POP/POS Displays, Sales Sheets

Bannerstands, Pop-ups, Posters, Table Throws, SWAG Merchandise.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

Blue Springs, Missouri 64015
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