This is the perfect time to set aside a couple of hours and brainstorm ideas for social posts for the year.

To get you started, we’ve prepared a mega list of buckets (or categories) of posts. Start filling them up with your ideas!  

Psst… You can always change content slightly and repost it. Not everyone will have seen your post the first time around and it’s very unlikely that those who did will remember. 

content mega list

  1. Customer case studies, quotes, and testimonials
  2. Sharing content from fans
  3. Big-name customer wins
  4. Milestone accomplishments (e.g., now serving five countries, trusted by 100+ businesses)
  5. Awards won
  6. Holidays 
  7. Major events (e.g., March Madness, Small Business Saturday)
  8. Anniversaries and “on this day”
  9. Media coverage
  10. Promoted content (e.g., blog posts, pod episodes)
  11. Content offers (e.g., PDF downloads, email list signups)
  12. Polls and surveys
  13. Contests and challenges
  14. Product teasers and announcements
  15. Product reviews and rankings
  16. Product photos
  17. Requests for feedback and ideas
  18. Event announcements, invitations, and post-event summaries
  19. Partners announcements and promotions
  20. Guest posts
  21. Answers to commonly-asked questions
  22. Tips and tricks
  23. How-to’s
  24. Interesting quotes, stats, and memes
  25. Industry news
  26. Behind-the-scenes and company culture peeks
  27. Job listings
  28. Hiring announcements