We help small businesses grow — by making and managing their websites.

Sure, we’re a software company, but we don’t just deliver our software. We build each customer’s website on our software. So, we deliver a complete solution.

We also take care of all the technical stuff. That’s right — we worry about hosting, security, and keeping the website “live.” So our customers don’t have to.

We even send monthly website stats to our customers. This way they always know how many people visit their website and which pages they view most.

  • Jottful's website design team makes websites easy

Jottful CEO Dawn Verbrigghe entrepreneurship speaker talk

Jottful CEO, Dawn Verbrigghe, delivers a Tech Talk on the topic of entrepreneurship titled, “Isn’t This Supposed to be an Overnight Success?

From Day 1, Jottful was made for small businesses.

We know what it’s like to start a business.

We really, really understand. Because we’ve been there, too.

Jottful was founded by an experienced marketer, Dawn Verbrigghe. Her inspiration came from managing the website for her mother’s bridal shop. Dawn was surprised that even in 2017 there were no great options for her mother to do this herself. So Dawn set out to design a content management system (CMS) that could deliver a professional website. One that was also affordable and intuitive enough for small businesses.

For most small businesses, paying a designer or agency thousands of dollars to build a website is too costly. But building their own website, even with do-it-yourself software, can be absolutely daunting.

Jottful is the solution. We make affordable small-business websites. And we make them easy.

Building a business takes a village. And ours is full!

Jottful is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan — a small Midwestern city that’s also home to our largest investor, the University of Michigan.

Through Jottful Community, we connect our customers with helpful marketing pros. Located all across the U.S., these professionals provide related services, such as SEO, content writing, photography, and email marketing. And, yes, much more!