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There are no membership fees — and no commissions to pay.

Who is Jottful? Why did we start Jottful Community?

“Inevitably, every Jottful customer asks us to recommend Community members for projects they need help with.

“When our business grows, our Community members’ businesses grow, too.”

Dawn Verbrigghe, Jottful’s Founder & CEO

The benefits of joining the Jottful Community have exceeded my expectations. It’s clear the Jottful team takes time to understand exactly what their website clients need and to match them with the Community member that can provide what they’re looking for.

“My services aligned perfectly with all of the referrals sent my way and in each case, we were able to get working together almost immediately. It’s been a pleasure working with the Jottful team and the clients I’ve acquired through them!

Asya Sharrow, FWD Focus Marketing

Give a small business one free month of Jottful

When you introduce small business owners to Jottful, you’re helping them solve a key business pain — establishing yourself as a trusted advisor.

And, when they tell us you sent them, they’ll get the first month of Jottful free!

“I directed Jerry Vangilder of Vangilder Performance & Fitness to Jottful because I feel you provide a very unique solution for small businesses that need a professional, efficient, and creative website that doesn’t break the bank!”

Mark Salloum, Highway Media

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Frequently asked questions

Is Jottful Community a directory?

Jottful Community is much more than a directory — it’s a co-marketing program.

Jottful promotes Community members through its marketing channels, including the Jottful Community directory, and refers customers to Community members when it makes sense to do so. Community members can make customer referrals to Jottful — and earn additional marketing promotion and monetary rewards for doing so.

What is the advantage of advancing to higher tiers (e.g., Silver, Gold, or Platinum)? 

The higher the tier you achieve, the more marketing promotion we’ll do on your behalf. More exposure means more opportunities to get new client business, both directly and indirectly from Jottful.

Who are Jottful’s customers?

Jottful’s customers are small, service-based businesses that need a website. Located all across the U.S., Jottful’s customers typically have fewer than five employees, sell services or custom-made products, and have website frustrations. They usually can’t afford to hire a design agency and they’re not interested in building their own website.

Is there a membership or joining fee?


Am I required to refer customers to Jottful?

Nope. We highly encourage you to do so, however. Why? Because we’ve discovered that each of our customers asks us for 1-2 referrals to Community members. By referring small businesses to Jottful, you’re helping to grow the Community — for everyone’s benefit.

Getting business from Jottful

How will Jottful help market my services?

When it makes sense for both parties, we may directly refer our customers to you — and they could become your clients, too. We may also promote your services across our marketing platforms, including our blog, email newsletter, webinars, and social media channels.

How will I receive referrals from Jottful?

If we come across a project that could be a good fit, we’ll contact you (typically by email) and ask if you’re interested in it. If you are, we’ll introduce you to our customer. From there, the two of you work together directly.

When Jottful refers a client to me, will you take a commission?


Seriously? You’ll send me leads — at no cost? 

Yep, seriously. Our customers consider us their go-to-resource for everything having to do with online marketing. We like being in that position. So we help out by making referrals to Community members who provide the sorts of services we don’t.

How much should I charge clients I get from Jottful? 

That’s totally up to you!

How does Jottful decide which Community members to introduce to customers? 

We first narrow down the options based on our customer’s specific project requirements. From there, we prioritize Community members by tier (e.g., Platinum members get the highest priority). We often also consider factors such as location, previous experience, and availability.

Sending business to Jottful

Am I required to refer customers to Jottful?

Nope. We highly encourage you to do so, however. Why? Because we’ve discovered that each of our customers asks us for 1-2 referrals to Community members. By referring small businesses to Jottful, you’re helping to grow the Community — for everyone’s benefit.

How can I send you a referral?

Ask the small business owner who needs a website to schedule a time to chat with us or, alternatively, contact us at or (734) 585-5775.

Be sure they tell us you sent them! Alternatively, you could submit our referral form and we’ll reach out to them ourselves.

Do you have a “blurb” I can use to refer Jottful? 

We sure do! You can find blurbs, social media posts, and even an explainer video on the Member page.

How do you track referrals?

We ask every sales prospect how they heard about us. If they say they were referred by you, we take a note in our system and send you an email so you’re aware of it. We’ll let you know how things proceed and, if your referral becomes a customer, you’ll be eligible for our rewards.

Can I offer a discount to small businesses in my network?

You sure can! Anyone you refer to Jottful gets their first month free. Just remind them to tell us you sent them!

Can I refer myself and profit?

We’ll do you even better than that! We offer a special discount on our services just for Jottful Community members! As a Jottful Community member, you can take $10 off your monthly subscription with Jottful. Just schedule a time to chat with us about your website needs.

When do I get paid?

We’ll send your payment 90 days after your referral starts their Jottful website subscription, provided they’re still an active Jottful customer.

How do I get paid?

We’ll either send a check or a gift card.

Will I need to report this referral income to the IRS?

If you earn at least $600 in a calendar year and you file your taxes as an individual, we will send you a 1099 form so you can claim the income with IRS, as you are required to do.

Contacting Jottful

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Send an email to anytime.

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