We asked members of Jottful Community to share with us something they created that proved highly successful. Here are three case studies to inspire you!

1. A cleverly-produced promo video successfully demonstrated how a single product can solve many different problems

Daniela HernandezFlorida-based video artist

Daniela created a promo video for a learning-glass product called “LightBoard.” In the video, her team recorded lessons with the camera looking head-on at an instructor as they write on the Lightboard. But this causes the writing to appear backwards. So, in post-production, she applied a mirrored-image effect to allow the lesson to be flipped and readable. Viewers can’t even tell the video has been flipped!

The flipping of the video makes it possible to illustrate subject matter that includes numbers and letters. As a result, the video is able to feature instructors in many subjects, effectively helping all kinds of prospective customers think through different ways to show their material and engage their students.

2. A seamless buying experience resulted in 10 times more gift certificate sales

Susan Baity of Sapient DaisyMichigan-based online marketer

Susan revised the gift certificates web page and form for a massage and bodywork business and described it as “one of the most demonstrably effective projects” she worked on last year. The new page allows for payment by cash, check, and PayPal and sends a beautiful PDF gift certificate to the customer.

And what a difference the expanded payment options and seamless ordering makes! Gift certificate sales grew from $1,000 per year to $10,000 per year once the new experience was launched.

3. An “everything-but-the-kitchen sink” effort delivered a successful crowdfunding campaign

Sarah Henry of Still Poetry Photography, Delaware-based author and photographer

Sarah successfully marketed the release of her first publication, intricacies are just cracks in the wall, on Indiegogo by leveraging her photography, video, copywriting, and design skills to create compelling content.

She then distributed her content on every channel she had available to her, including: her blog; her Facebook page; her website; her Instagram accounts, her YouTube account; private and public Facebook groups; word of mouth; fellow creators’ pages; writing competitions… and the list goes on.

Sarah wrote, “each piece of content required unique copy and I had to adhere to a style that would resonate most closely with each individual audience without becoming repetitive. With every comment and every share, I responded and thanked each person who took the time to look at my campaign; those personal interactions are what humanize you to your audience.”

Learn more about how Sarah reached her goal in her article, How to Run a Killer Indiegogo Campaign Without Crying Yourself to Sleep at Night.