5 decisions your Ideal Customer Profile helps you make

An Ideal Customer Profile is a small but mighty tool. Referring to a single-page document, you and your team can align on a number of things, from the products you sell to how you reach and serve your customers. Here are five decisions your Ideal Customer Profile can help you make. [...]

What is a brand voice? And why does your small business need one?

A brand voice is a way of communicating that is distinct, consistent across all media (no matter who is doing the speaking or writing on behalf of your company), and relevant to your audience. You can reflect your brand voice both in the topics you discuss and the words you [...]

5 Ways to Confirm Your Marketing is Working

The ultimate confirmation that your marketing is delivering results for your business comes when prospective customers are lining up to get what you have to offer. But how can you be sure specifically which marketing channels and campaigns are working best? Here are five ways you can track the effectiveness [...]