Are you hosting webinars? Virtual events, including webinars, can be content-marketing goldmines. Save time and money by reformatting your content and using it in these five ways.

writing a blog post

1. Convert it into a blog post

Pull the key points from your event or write a wrap-up blog post. 

sending an email on a tablet

2. Send it as an email 

At Jottful, we write a blog post each week and preview it to subscribers to our Monday Morning Mailing email. Publishing your content through email makes it possible for people who aren’t regular readers of your blog to access it.

editing a video

3. Save it as a video

Get some help with the post-production process to add an intro, outro, and maybe some text and images throughout. Then save it as a video file and upload it to YouTube, the internet’s second-largest search engine.

recording audio for a podcast

4. Turn it into a podcast

Again in post-production, modify the audio file so it is a stand-alone piece of content. Then publish it on your very own podcast.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: You can embed your podcast episodes into your website!

creating an online course

5. Republish it as an online course

Stack a handful of videos into a cohesive, educational series that you can then offer as an online course. 


And, of course, don’t forget to promote your content using social media!