If you’ve often shared infographics but didn’t think they were practical for your business, it’s time to explore them again. 

First, it can be surprisingly affordable to create infographics. 

For example, all the infographic templates shown below are available at VectorStock. It’s one of many websites where you can purchase stock graphics that are editable – saving you, or your graphic designer, lots of time and money. 

You can also find plenty of infographic designers in Jottful Community or on freelancer websites such as Fiverr.

So, now that you know how affordable it can be to create infographics, here are six clever ways you can use them in your business. 


infographic show how something is made

1. Illustrate how something is made

Customers often place a higher value on a product or service when they understand all the effort that goes into delivering it. Use infographics to detail the elements of your products or illuminate the process behind making them.


infographics can demonstrate a process

2. Demonstrate a process

Try replacing staid flowcharts with infographics that are beautiful enough to be shared. 


infographics can showcase services

3. Showcase services

You can visually illustrate all the services you provide with an infographic. Or, you could use infographics to present a menu that makes it easy to understand the differences between your product offerings.


infographics can explain concepts

4. Explain a concept

This is one of the more common uses for infographics, and for good reason: some concepts are just difficult to communicate in non-visual ways. 


infographics can tell a story

5. Tell a story

Infographics can be a great way to show a timeline of events. Use infographics to tell the story of your business or share your customers’ stories.


infographics can be used to celebrate an event

6. Celebrate an event

Looking for holiday-themed content? Infographics can be unexpected for this purpose, making them more likely to get noticed and be shared.