5 strategies to get free local TV & radio coverage

Landing an interview on your local tv or radio station can give your business an instant sales jolt. It’s especially valuable if you’re working to generate some brand awareness. Here are five strategies you can employ to improve your odds of garnering some local media exposure. 1. Be prepared Like [...]

5 Pitch Ideas to Get Local TV Exposure for Your Small Business

Could a three-minute segment on local television help market your business? Most certainly! Whether it’s a one-on-one interview or a morning-show segment with reporters trying out your newest recipe, local TV can garner impressive exposure for your brand. Producers are always looking for new stories that will appeal to their [...]

5 Local Sponsorships Your Community Will Appreciate

Most of us prefer to buy from local businesses and that is especially true when a local business supports the organizations that matter most to us. Here are five types of sponsorships that can earn you some name recognition and goodwill in your community. 1. Sponsor an Athletic Team From [...]

5 Tips to Get a Journalist’s Attention

Media coverage can result in new customers for your business, open the door to partnership opportunities, give your employees a morale boost… and even get you more media coverage! Most small businesses can’t justify hiring a PR (public relations) agency. So, what can you do to garner media coverage for [...]

5 Speaking Opportunities to Acquire New Customers

At Jottful, one of our favorite ways to meet prospective customers is through public speaking. In particular, we love, love, love delivering educational talks about small business marketing (but this probably does not surprise you!). Here are five fabulous opportunities to do some public speaking on behalf of your business: [...]