The sun is out, the weather is warm! Shake up your marketing with these summer-energy-powered campaigns. 

1. Gift seasonal swag

Whether it’s a beach-themed towel or a branded cooler bag, a gift your prospects and customers can use all summer long can be a smart investment. 

One of the best gifts I ever received from a vendor was a logoed picnic backpack, complete with plates, silverware, corkscrew, and a checkered tablecloth. I’ve been using that picnic backpack for nearly two decades now — and I still remember the name of the company that gave it to me.


special cocktail summer marketing idea

2. Offer a limited-time product

Could you create a product or service with a summertime theme? Seasonal cocktail, free car wash with purchase — get creative! 

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: Showcase your limited-time products on your website and give a clear call-to-action so your visitors convert into buyers!


make marketing content outdoors

3. Produce content outdoors

Now is the perfect time to film marketing videos outdoors. You could:  

  • Go through your blog posts and choose some that are worthy of a video complement
  • Make content that is specifically about outdoor activities, from gardening to kayaking
  • Record customer testimonials outside


market your business outdoors this summer

4. Move your business outside

Get out, get out, wherever you are! Use outdoor space to your advantage: 

  • Set up a table or a rack on the sidewalk to display your wares
  • Meet prospective clients outdoors, while maintaining a safe distance
  • Take your customer video calls from your patio and showcase your sunny attitude


virtual summer festival can help market your business

5. Participate in community events

  • Contribute an activity to your neighborhood summer festival — even if it’s virtual (in fact, the photo above is taken from a video of Jottful doing exactly this)
  • Provide the MVP trophies for a little league team
  • Sponsor an outdoor musical performance