Online marketing channels such as email and social media have become so popular many of them now feel saturated. Might it be time for your business to reconsider direct mail? Think postcards, letters, flyers, and even packages.
Here are five reasons to give direct mail a chance:

1. It’s Trackable — Really!

Whether you include a custom discount code, a coupon, or a special URL, you’ll be able to track many of the actions made as a result of your direct mail piece.

2. It’s Perceived as More Personal

Despite all the personalization capabilities of email, a physical object that arrives in the mailbox can come across as more thoughtful and intentional.

Printed mail is also perceived as more trustworthy and, as such, is preferred for unsolicited mail from unfamiliar organizations.

3. People Respond

Yes, it has a better response rate than email marketing. The Data & Marketing Association reports that the average response rate for direct mail sent to a “house list” was 5.1% in 2017 and 2.9% when sent to a (colder) prospect list.

4. It can be Inexpensive

With postcard printing and mailing starting at around 25 cents each, paired with response rates that greatly outperform email, direct mail can be surprisingly affordable.

5. It works in tandem with other marketing channels

Direct mail can become a key part of your multi-channel marketing campaigns, wherein you reach a specific target list of prospects via multiple, different channels over a short period of time.
Convinced yet? Well, how might your business use direct mail?