Your business card is probably one of your most-used marketing pieces. Did you realize that 72% of people judge a company by the quality of the business card?

With first impressions ruling the day, it’s essential that your business card stand out from the crowd and communicate the right message about your brand. Here are five ways to do just that:

1. Choose colored paper

A whopping 88% of business cards handed out are thrown away in less than a week. But colored-paper cards are kept 10x longer than typical white business cards.

2. Include a picture of your face

It can be hard to associate a name with the face of a person you may have seen in passing at a networking event. Clear up the confusion by sharing a picture of your face on your business cards.

3. Ditch the traditional rectangular card

Business cards have traditionally been rectangular, but there are so many options for business cards now. Many business card printers can cut into squares, circles, ovals, and more. So think outside the rectangular box.

4. Write a note on the back

People often write notes on the back of business cards in order to remember a connection. Why not write a small personal note for them yourself? Be sure to leave them plenty of room for them to jot their own notes, too.

5. Make it interactive

Last, but not least, make your cards interactive. You can do this by making your card foldable into fun origami shapes or even making it useful as a tool, such as the ruler example shown here.

Business cards shouldn’t be stuffy or boring; remember, you are trying to make an impression! Make it easy for people to get in touch with you, but also give them a memorable taste of your brand.