We all know that humor brings joy to our lives, diffuses tense situations, and helps us bring perspective to just about everything. Humor also makes us more open and more likely to engage. So, how can you add more humor into your marketing? Here are five tips for you to boost your marketing humor:

1. Lighten the Mood (using parentheses)

An easy way to throw some humor into your blog, email, or social media post is to insert a short fun line in parentheses following a more typical sentence. For example:
“A loss leader is a sale created by drastically cutting the price of specific items in your store, to the point that you actually take a loss on those items. 
Loss leaders are common at grocery stores (think: lettuce and dish soap deals!) because they get shoppers through the doors who then purchase other items.”
You can see how the bolded text isn’t needed, but it certainly adds some fun!

2. Poke Fun at Yourself

Are you ready to be the butt of your own jokes? It’s a disarming approach and brings people closer together. Share an unusual fact about yourself or mock one of your own quirky habits (like maybe you always work while wearing sunglasses)! Your customers will love it and think it’s quite endearing.

3. Use a Funny Image

Nothing delights someone like an unexpected surprise. Use a fun image to surprise your customers. Perhaps it’s not what people would expect to accompany the text you wrote. Not sure if it’s funny? Ask a friend or colleague before you hit send.
Check out this delightful parakeet we used recently in a blog post about personalizing your marketing. Did you find the humor in it?

4. Play with Your Logo

Google does this all the time. You can too! Whether you’re a gardener, a barber, or a coach, you can add some fun and creativity to your logo. Not sure how to do this? Send your logo to a designer on fiverr.com and ask for fun variations. This is a low-cost way to pack some humor into one of your basics – your logo!

5. KISS (Keep it Simple, Silly!)

Sometimes simply taking a straightforward saying and changing a word or two can make a normal sentence funny. Before you send your next email, read it once more and ask, “How can I change this to bring some humor?” Simply by asking the question, you’ll find a way to do it!