We recently interviewed Preston True, founder of Funnel Works Studio and a certified StoryBrand guide. We discussed how businesses and solo entrepreneurs can more simply explain what they do — in order to win more customers.

The conversation was fascinating and we highly recommend watching the video or listening to the podcast.

One thing we talked about is the need to do two things immediately: express empathy and demonstrate authority. 

While this applies in all written and spoken descriptions of your business, in this post we’ll specifically address what you could do on your website to accomplish these things. 


express empathy

1. Express empathy

You may be the hero of your own life, but you’re just a supporting cast member (or guide, in StoryBrand speak) to your customers. They have their own challenges and your job is to demonstrate that you understand what it’s like to face those challenges, by expressing empathy.

You can express empathy on your website by focusing on what it means for your customer to experience the challenges they face.

For example: 

I know what it’s like to ____. I used to ____. 

Ever feel ____? We understand because ____. 


testimonials are a great way to demonstrate authority

2. Demonstrate authority

Once you’ve expressed empathy (and gotten your prospective customers’ attention), it’s time to explain why you are in a position to help them overcome the challenge. 

On your website, this takes the form of social proof, which may include: 

  • Case studies, customer quotes, or testimonials
  • Quantifiable results
  • Customer logos or lists
  • Awards you’ve won


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