Defy The Status Quo
Crownsville, MD
We help B2B consulting and service firms, big and small, succeed at content marketing. At Defy The Status Quo, we work with forward-thinking companies who’ve identified a need and are looking to change things up. For themselves, their industry, and their clients. Most businesses lose the […]
Headshot of Jean and Nehemiah of Nehemiah 9 Design
Nehemiah 9 Design
Ann Arbor, Michigan
We launched Nehemiah 9 Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan in late 2015, and we are a small full-service web design agency that creates beautiful websites for small to mid-sized businesses. Nehemiah is a designer who specializes in the visual side of creating functional, user-friendly and acce […]
Trisha Winter
Focused B2B
Farmington Hills, MI
If you have a complex, difficult to understand product or service, I have the expertise to make your messaging easy to understand by your target audience. With over 20 years of engineering and marketing experience working as a VP of Marketing for a $500M company and CMO of a $2M startup I […]
Tropical Delusion, LLC
626 Clayton St, Orlando, FL 32804
Visual media production pro. Script to screen services. Over 20 years experience working with Disney creating award winning visual media. Now freelancing. Skill sets include photography, drone photography, time-lapse, brand design, motion graphic animation, 3D animation, video production […]
Mikalan Moiso Photography
My diverse skill set offers my clients the best of all worlds. After a highly successful, 25 year real estate career, I transitioned my hobby of photography into a freelance business, which allows me to utilize my vision and creativity at a higher level. I listen to the needs of my clie […]