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Patrick Green
chicago, IL 60604
As a photojournalist and a visual artist, I not only understand that every picture can tell a story, but I also know how to tell that story properly. I've been a visual industry professional for over 15 years with clients in the Chicago area. My visual art has been exhibited throughout Ch […]
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Marcella Bunge Photography
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Hi there, My specialty is in paying attention to details in aesthetics, composition, and good design. Therefore, my skills in photography can be applied with versatility. I am a photographer with experience from around the globe. It is with my utmost pleasure that I work to create someth […]
Megan Taylor Creative Headshot
Megan Taylor Creative
I’m an outdoorsy Pacific Northwest girl who loves everything design. I love solving problems and creating something beautiful and user-centric in the process. I have experience in branding, logo design, print and digital collateral, social graphics, web design, UX/UI design, and lifestyle […]
Elayna Alexandra LLC
Elayna Alexandra, MBA I collaborate with entrepreneurs who push the boundaries of what they can do. I coach + do strategy work with a passion to help you holistically design the business and life that allows you to live in alignment, where you can fully step into your own joy. + provide […]
Alison Headshot
Alison Woomer Photography
7300 Henneman Way #3132, McKinney, Texas 75070
I am a professional lifestyle photographer, and have been shooting for the last 10 years. I finished my BFA in photography, and offer multiple styles of portrait sessions. I stand out as a photographer because I am adaptable to the client's needs. I am able to discuss what they are lookin […]