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Free design tools for non-designers

From blogs to social media to events, business owners are creating more content than ever. But we often don't have the budget to hire a designer for every task — and we're not sure if we can make professional-looking designs ourselves. In this episode, graphic designer Catrina Gardner will reveal all her favorite easy-to-use (and free!) tools for creating designer-quality content.

2024-06-26T22:00:16-05:00July 7th, 2022|🎧 PODCAST: Marketing Made Easy|

How to grow your business without doing marketing

Matt Ward, author of "The High Five Effect," doesn't work past 1 pm. Nor does he work on Fridays. And he'll take four cruises this year. He's created the lifestyle of his dreams — without doing any of the tedious work often associated with marketing. Learn how he moved his business past the insecurity stage by building recurring revenue and cultivating referrals.

2024-06-26T22:04:13-05:00June 16th, 2022|🎧 PODCAST: Marketing Made Easy|

How to succeed on social media — despite the constant platform changes

Deirdre Tshien has built multiple successful businesses, across two continents, by cracking the code on social media. She's been through all the social-media platform changes (ALL. OF. THEM.) and, more importantly, figured out how to rise above these changes to find new customers and clients. Learn: how social-media platforms evolve and what we need to successfully market our businesses on them.

2024-06-26T22:05:21-05:00June 2nd, 2022|🎧 PODCAST: Marketing Made Easy|

A podcast pro shares how podcasting can grow your business

Hernan Sias, co-host of the Business Bros Podcast, describes podcasting as the new "let's get coffee." In this episode, Hernan shares how podcasting can benefit businesses of any size — regardless of whether you sell to consumers or other businesses. Hernan demystifies the entire process: from booking guests strategically and recording a quality show to promoting your content and using it to supercharge your business.

2024-06-26T22:06:41-05:00May 26th, 2022|🎧 PODCAST: Marketing Made Easy|

How to market your business when NO ONE is searching for what you do

If you're providing a unique service and your brand is largely unknown, how do you make prospective customers aware of your business? In this episode, Nathan Labenz, founder and CEO of Waymark, reveals the process he went through to get discovered. Learn how he tried advertising (and he'll share his list of "seven things to do before you spend money on ads") and ultimately got real traction through partnerships.

2024-06-26T22:08:19-05:00May 12th, 2022|🎧 PODCAST: Marketing Made Easy|
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