Deirdre Tshien has built multiple successful businesses, across two continents, by cracking the code on social media.

She’s been through all the social-media platform changes (ALL. OF. THEM.) and, more importantly, figured out how to rise above these changes to find new customers and clients.

In this episode, Deirdre helps us understand how social-media platforms evolve and what we need to successfully market our businesses on them.

EPISODE 41 | 26 minutes



Deirdre is the Founder & CEO of Capsho, software that helps entrepreneurs take the crappiness out of content creation. She is also the creator of Viralocity Marketing, author of The Traffic Formula and host of The Remarkable Entrepreneur & The Remarkable Entrepreneur’s Playbook podcast.

She is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and led 7 businesses across 5 industries in the last 9 years, and has navigated the entire spectrum of experiences and emotions (the good, the bad and the ugly) that comes with starting, running and closing businesses.

With her hands-on experience in successfully growing her businesses to 6 & 7 figures, she now coaches and works hands-on with entrepreneurs to turn followers into buyers (while only spending 2 hours a week on social media).

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