Hello! I’m an author, researcher, and communications professional with more than a decade of experience. I have experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors and appreciate the suite of skills necessary to successfully research, write, and edit compelling copy. I am the co-author of a popular science book and have also written and edited hundreds of articles for multiple mediums, including websites, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, blast emails, peer-reviewed journals, and press releases. I have been the co-publisher of a regional bi-monthly periodical for four years; in this position, I write and research articles, oversee production and marketing, work with local media outlets, and mentor others in the communications industry. I approach my field with the dual perspective of journalist and ethologist: I earned a postgraduate diploma (non-thesis Master’s) in journalism, focusing on news writing, features, and sub-editing, and I earned a Master’s of Science in Primate Behavior, focusing on animal behavior and communication. I am committed to producing work that appropriately and effectively conveys a company or organization’s tone and message.

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