When working with me you will see lights firing off as I take each image and direct the subject on set. Whether it would be for a small project working by myself or a big project with multiple talent and photography crew I am able to direct everyone all at once in order to ensure that the client will receive the highest quality of imagery. I started as a photographer the minute I stepped into the darkroom in high school. After high school I went to Columbia College Chicago to study photography. While being in college I started freelancing as a photographer for Time Out Chicago and Manning Publications. I have been doing photography professionally for 9 years now and still going strong. I specialize in beauty, portraits, product, lifestyle, and fashion. I currently reside in Chicago but travel for work. Some of my clients include but not limited to: Claire’s Boutiques Inc, First Midwest Bank, Kaufman Hall, Randa Accessories, Typenex Medical, L.L.C, Becker Professional Education (DeVry), First Hospitality Group (FHG), Zeno Group, and more.

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