I have over 13+ Years on Clientele and Customer Care.
Been Able to Surpass expectations on Retailers, Personal Goals, Homeownership, Beauty, Bridal Empowerment, Beauty pageantry, Runways and Back staging. Packaging and wrapping, Plus many many other artistic and professional Activities that will make you enjoyable to give me the opportunity to work on anything you need. from Interior design to landscaping.. brainstorming and Decorating, redecorating and All sorts of designs to perfect your dream or desirable home’s style.

As You can see This, can be well done and shown by actions and commitments from me to you to perform on your selection upon my profile and my growth in the freelancing process. I may well be new here but i can give you any credentials from any given information so you can see that beside my words and passion for what i do.

I can definitely provide the right formalities and paperwork to ensure your trust upon my work and my commitment to your Dreaming business or Job description.

Remember that like my motto of life:
-“dont let other’s knock at your door for an opportunity, rather than, make it your own action, to humbly open up to theirs.”- ~•Emmanuel Ostolaza•~

Thanks for, giving me a chance by reading through this personal Cover letter, their trully coming from my heart and experiences over this past decade.

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