I have loved photography since I got my first 126 camera when I was a kid. I enjoy the challenge of taking a photograph that might be different than the person next to me is taking. I love taking photos at different angles and like to get creative with my subject, no matter what it is. Whether taking photos of humans, animals, architecture, or products, my love of photography is apparent.

I have done freelance work for United Solutions, especially Rubbermaid items, plus also old-fashioned plastic mold holiday items. This was fun and challenging work, and a good learning experience.

I also love taking photographs of people, especially those who are willing! I was the photographer for my niece’s wedding and thoroughly enjoyed that opportunity, especially putting together the wedding album.

I am very flexible when working with clients – I give them my absolute best at a reasonable price. I don’t have the most expensive equipment, but I do have a good eye.

17 Meadow Street, Bingham, ME 04920
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