Is marketing always on your mind? How do you better market your business? How do you reach new customers or clients? And, how do you market in a way that doesn’t break the bank?

Well, we asked some of our experienced marketers and writers in Jottful Community to share their best pro tips!


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Check out what our experts had to say about budget-conscious marketing tips below!


1. Look to Your Customers for Fresh Ideas

“Coming up with fresh content on a regular basis can be challenging. Look to your customers for ideas. What is important to them? What concerns them? What are they asking about? Use their questions as writing prompts to create blog posts, email series or articles.”

Susan Greene
Freelance Copywriter


2. Use Free Photography Sources

“One of the hardest things to find for marketing use is a free source for high quality, non-cheesy photographs. If you haven’t checked out Unsplash, you ought to. Photographers from around the world contribute, asking only for attribution in many cases. The site is easy to use and exploring the photographs there often inspires creative thinking that will make your marketing messages stand out. If you want some historic, locally-relevant photographs, the Library of Congress maintains a set of public domain, free to use digital photos.”

Bruce Adams
Writer & Collaborator
Bruce Adams’ Jottful Community Profile


3. Make Your Call-to-Action Bold & Exciting

“Never use ‘please’ in a call to action – such as ‘Please download our ebook.’ It tells your visitor that you want them to do something for you. Effective marketing is all about helping the buyer, not helping yourself. The fact that you say please implies that you know you’re asking something of them. Also, saying please makes your request sound weak—as if you really hate to bother them, but would they please mind taking just a quick moment to please do this one little thing? Make your call to action bold and exciting, not apologetic.”

Bill Kerschbaum
Content Writer


4. Take a Simple Approach with Your Website

“If you’re creating a website from the ground up and working within a tight budget, remember: it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think in terms of a few basic pages that give the Big Picture, primarily: your Home Page (to establish your voice, your purpose), About Page (your history, credentials), Services and Contact Page.

No matter how complex your business is, providing the basic information in an engaging way that will satisfy a customer’s curiosity and needs – and having the site ‘go live’ in a timely manner — is what’s most important. You can always add to it later!”

Laura Stigler
Content Writer & Consultant



5. Test Your Advertising on a Budget

“Marketing can be expensive along with frustrating, but the key is to stay the course and keep a valid perspective. Direct return on your marketing investment is not always the end goal. Remember the rule of 7! Customers need to see an ad seven times before the marketing begins to register in their awareness. This means that you need to do some testing and play the long-game but you can do so in small increments. Social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat is a low-cost way to test markets. You can run an ad campaign for $15.00 and up.”

Tephra Miriam
Communications Strategist & Publicist