Sending out regular emails but running out of things to write? Here are five email topic ideas to jumpstart your creative juices.

1. Feature a New Product or Service

Received a new shipment? Hired someone who can provide a new service? Get your audience excited about the new things you have to offer!

2. Run a Monthly Feature

Maybe it’s a customer story with before-and-after images. Maybe it’s a quiz and the winner gets a prize. Whatever it is, make it interesting and do it consistently — then watch the open rates increase over time.

3. Educate

From newsletters with relevant articles and current events to how-to videos that showcase anything from cooking a turkey to allocating a retirement portfolio across asset classes, people appreciate email that goes beyond promotion.

4. Invite

Whether it’s inviting locals to a party in your store or subscribers to an exciting online webinar you’re hosting, we all love to be included! As always, use invitations sparingly so their power to flatter and get attention is not diluted.

5. Promote

Got a big sale coming up? Emails featuring deals and discounts can be effective in driving near-term revenue. You can even offer exclusive discounts that are valid only to mailing-list subscribers.