Every contact with a customer or prospect is a marketing event, from a handshake to an email chat. So it doesn’t matter what their title is — every single one of your employees is a marketer for your business.

Here are the five things your team members need to market your business well.

(And today we’re sharing some real examples from our business!)


jottful business card

1. Business card

Some companies only give business cards to the management team, but everyone at your organization meets people who, upon learning about your company, ask for a card. Don’t miss these opportunities.

email signature

2. Email signature

Draft the standard signature line that goes at the bottom of every outbound email. You could use the opportunity to describe the value your business delivers. Or you could change it frequently to promote events and offers.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: Don’t forget to include a link to your website!


two men talking

3. Elevator pitch

Outside the workplace, your employees are often asked, “what does your company do?” Make sure everyone on your team can repeat a description of your business in response. And make the description short enough it can be completed in an elevator.


Jottful's company description

4. Company description

Type up a standardized company description that everyone can use in their LinkedIn profiles and bios.


Llama sticker, laptop sticker

5. Branded stuff

Your employees can serve as walking billboards for your business! Arm them with visible swag, from laptop stickers to hats and t-shirts.