It’s that time again: time to clear some dust, toss some trash, and reset for the rest of the year ahead!
Here are five things you can do to clean up your marketing for a successful year.

1. Clean Up Your Data

Don’t waste your time and money marketing to people who have already indicated they’re not interested. Clean up your lists and refocus your energy on your true prospects.

2. Check on Your Goals

You probably established your targets at the beginning of the year. Do they still feel right? Are all your goals measurable or are you finding some are just impossible to track? If your goals could use an adjustment, take a moment to do that now

3. Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right Buyers

Evaluate your sales for the year to date to determine which segments of your customer base are most satisfied and most profitable. These are your best customers. How can you refocus your marketing campaigns to get more customers like these?

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4. Revise Your Offers and Prices

Are you finding your audience is just not responding to your campaigns? If you know you’re reaching the right market but you’re still experiencing headwinds with sales, it could be that your offer or price is just not that compelling. Test some new offers.

5. Shut Down Clunker Campaigns

Let’s face it, not all marketing campaigns will deliver the results you need. Don’t be afraid to turn off the ones that are not performing for your organization.