I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.Thomas Edison

Here are five pieces of hard-earned advice from three incredible entrepreneurs we recently spoke with: 

1. Listen to your intuition

There’s no amount of data that will tell you whether it’s time to start a business. If you get the feeling you’re supposed to be doing something else — and you realize you’re trying to create that in whatever job you’re in — there’s a good chance you’re meant to do that.

Entrepreneurs must often operate with imperfect and incomplete information. 


2. Don’t hire until you’ve done the job yourself

Let’s face it, there are some jobs we just don’t want to do. But fight the urge to just hire your way out of the situation. 

By doing the job ourselves at first (even if we do it badly), we get a much better idea of the skills and personality required to succeed in the position. Ultimately, it also helps us understand how to manage that hire — so they can be more successful.


3. Be brave and network

Few of us enjoy networking, but building a base of support is essential for success — especially early on.

So do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to network. That may mean setting some goals, such as: I’m going to attend one networking event each week and meet five new people at each event. Reward yourself for achieving your goals. 


4. Take the time to create a vision

Whether it’s for your company as a whole, or simply for a one-off project, pause at the outset to establish your vision. What will the world / your community / your business / your life look like when you achieve your goals? 

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: You can even share your vision on your website to attract potential customers that resonate with you or your brand!


5. Reflect on your piece of what goes wrong

When something doesn’t work out as planned, be honest about the role you played. If you have a hire that didn’t work out, for example, what could you have done differently? 

Take stock and aim for continuous improvement. That’s how you’ll succeed in the long run.