From blog posts and brief videos to full-length books, content that really connects with your audience can drive well-qualified leads and help convert those leads into customers. But coming up with fresh and frequent content ideas can feel overwhelming.

So, where can you go to get inspired? Here are five awesome sources for creative content ideas.

1. Read trade magazines

Get into the habit of reading your favorite magazines with a notebook nearby. Identify trends and hot topics you can use to keep your content interesting and timely.

2. Write down questions your customers ask

Keep a notebook nearby anyone who speaks with customers. What kinds of questions are they asking? What pain points are they communicating? Creating content that answers their questions and addresses their pain points is a smart way to get their attention by demonstrating that you understand their challenges and are in a position to help.

3. Dig deeper

Think of your customers’ questions as starting points and use each question to inspire two (or four!) more. You’ll quickly find that you can build multiple content items of a single customer question.

4. Survey

Whether you conduct your own survey or review the results of a public survey, this can be a great way to identify common challenges and viewpoints you could address in your content. Survey results also give your content an authoritative foundation.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: If you conduct your own survey, consider sharing it directly on your website to engage your audience and gather valuable insights. 

5. Use your product — and your competitor’s products

You’re already an expert on what you offer, so going through the process of experiencing your product or service yourself can be a great way to trigger questions related to deeper product knowledge. Share your expertise to develop credibility and trust.