A “lead magnet” is an incentive you can offer to capture the contact information of people who match your ideal customer profile. The goal is to build a list, then nurture these prospects and turn them into buyers. 

Here are five types of lead magnets you can use to attract new sales leads. 


1. Сontent 

This is probably the most well-known type of lead magnet. Offering a valuable piece of content in exchange for an email address is tried and true. Here are some content offers you might consider: 


2. Event tickets

Host an event your prospects are eager to attend — and capture contact information during the RSVP process. Here are some events that work well as lead magnets: 

  • In-person events such as private dinners, workshops, panels, and keynote addresses
  • Online events such as webinars and online conferences

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: You can promote your event on your website!


3. Tools

Can you create an interactive tool that helps people make a decision or that gives them something of value, for free? 

Sometimes these tools require engineering that may be outside the scope of your capabilities. But there are also lower-tech tools you could create, ranging from worksheets to decision trees.

4. Quizzes

It’s a little odd how much humans love to take personality tests. Could you offer a simple quiz like that and send results to the email address they provide?

5. Contests

Provide an opportunity to win something of value and you’ll find it’s easy to entice prospective customers to share their email addresses.