If you think “Corporate Social Responsibility” is only for large corporations, think again!

Here are five simple ways to help your small business become more socially responsible:

1. Reuse & recycle

It is so simple, yet meaningful to employees and customers, and a way to easily reduce your carbon footprint. Reuse your materials or get a bin and start collecting!

2. Find a cause and volunteer

Whether it’s just you, or a small team, pick an organization whose mission touches your heart, and volunteer your time to support it. If a full day is too much, just take the last four hours of a day, and do some good in the world!

3. Donate

Give a small percentage of your sales each week to a non-profit charity of your choice, or your team members’ choice, or even better, a customer’s choice. It’s an opportunity to engage your closest constituents. And a little impact from a lot of people goes a long way!

4. Check your energy!

With today’s ability to monitor your own energy usage, it should be pretty easy to drive down your energy bills. Whether you operate out of your home or out of your own space, choose energy-efficient lights, turn down your air-conditioning, and turn off your computer (when you’re done working, of course!). In addition to being socially responsible, you will experience quantifiable cost savings that can improve your bottom line.

5. Promote causes you care about

Think about your favorite companies on social media. Are they interesting because they talk about who they are and what they do? Perhaps, but they’re more interesting when they share content about what matters to them and why. Maybe it’s directly related to your business, and maybe it’s not. Find the cause, create the connection, and tie it to an element of your business.
You don’t have to spend much to start implementing Corporate Social Responsibility practices into your day-to-day.
💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: On your website, you can even share the organizations or companies you support!

Try these simple tricks, see how you feel, and share other ideas!