Metro Detroit PhotographersThis post was written by the team at Blue Sky Photography, a Troy, Michigan-based photo studio that specializes in product, industrial, and portrait photography. Blue Sky Photography is a member of Jottful Community.

Not all photographers are created equal. But, if you’ve decided you need a professional photographer, choosing the right one need not be difficult. 

Here are three things to keep in mind as you begin the search for a photographer for your small business.

1. Match the photographer with your project

Review their portfolio to be sure they have experience with your type of project. You wouldn’t, for example, want to hire a photographer to shoot product photography if you don’t see it in their online portfolio. 

2. Know what you need

Photography, at its core, is communication. And just like when you say or write something, you need to organize your thoughts first. It’s helpful to know what you need before you start a photography project. 

“Winging it” is an excellent way to waste time and money. 

I’ve had clients come to me asking for 20 photographs when really they only needed 10. It’s not surprising that twice as many photos will cost more. So, before beginning a photographic project, it’s helpful to think carefully about your needs and write them down.

3. Prepare examples

If you are not sure what kind of photos you need, describe what you want the image to communicate. Better yet, find examples of images you like on the internet.