We are focused on helping businesses reach their full potential. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience to help start a new venture, improve an existing business or transition a business into its next phase. Our team members have many years of experience in business development, program management and operations management.

Business Fundamentals
The fundamentals of business are the same no matter the product/service or industry you’re serving; it is an organization or an entity that sells goods or services for a profit.

We believe that a concept becomes a business when someone is willing to trust you with their money to purchase your product or service. Teaching entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses the fundamentals of starting and operating a successful business:

 Business Planning
 Leadership Skills
 Technology/Innovation
 Operations
 Sales and Marketing
 Legal
 Financial

Business Planning
Without a plan, there is no future for a company. Some businesses focus on short-term revenue generation and believe that increased sales will solve all their issues. By hiring a consultant to provide knowledge, guidance and leadership, a company will be better prepared for emerging issues and poised for future success.

FUNEL focuses on 5 key capabilities that we believe will help your business reach its full potential and exceed its goals:

1. Business Plan
We will help get your business plan moving forward. We can provide you with templates and explain the requirements for each section or help you write the business plan entirely. We are here to help.

2. Business Development (BD)
We will help you develop the right plan to make your business better and more successful. BD involves high-level decision-making based on a realistic assessment of all potential changes and their impact.

3. Digital Transformation
We have partnered with some of the world’s leading developers of business management software to offer our clients the best tools to make their business run more efficiently and be ready for what is next: ERP, CRM, PPM, and Predictive AI.

4. Program Management
We specialize in teaching companies the principles of Program Management. We can help develop a PMO for your business to improve the overall operations of a company by resolving today’s issues and being prepared for success in the future.

5. Operation Management
We believe in continuous improvement; a process that worked a few years ago, may not be efficient today. Change naturally occurs in every process, we can help identify these inefficiencies and develop a new strategy for improved performance that will increase overall profits.


​We are ready to be a part of your company’s success story. No one person can do it all, everyone needs some help sometimes; it might be answering a quick simple question or developing a new long term corporate strategy. Our team is here and ready to help provide the guidance and knowledge your company needs to reach its full potential.

During the Discovery phase, it is very likely that our clients are already aware of the issues they are having with their company. Due to the lack of resources, time or experience, clients are unable to resolve these issues on their own. This is where FUNEL shines, we focus on solving issues and our clients can stay focused on the daily operations of their business. Call us today to see how we can help!!

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