Ooh, Goodie! You found my profile! Hi, my name is Christine Spera, founder, and owner of Ooh Goodie! Creative Services. A jack of many trades is probably the best way to explain me. I have been in the creative industry for almost 15 years. I am a natural/studio light photographer that specializes in personal and business content. I also have a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration. I have also dabbled in small event planning.

So why not just stick to one? You might ask. Because life is too short and why not be as creative as you can be. These outlets have not only been rewarding in sculpting my artistic skills but blessed me with so many enduring relationships. When you’re creative, you are impacting someone in all different ways. You can capture a memory, come up with a solution to a problem or sell a product, or create a keepsake that they can cherish for years on end.

My Services include:

Photography: Weddings & Event, Social Media & Marketing, Family & Lifestyle, and Professional Portrait & Headshot.

A Photoshop Wizard: When it comes to photo editing, I am the photo manipulating master.

Graphic Design : Expert command of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator), A strong attention to detail in regards to communication, design, and production of projects, Strong organizational, communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills, I can create any type of business collateral (business cards, brochures, apparel, etc.)

Illustration: You name it. I can draw it. Realistic and cartoon-like.

My business is what makes up who I am. I love to draw, spend time with my pups, and be outdoors. Take photos of everything and anyone. When you like what you do, your work can express that.

All I want to do is provide a service that my clients will be proud of and use to build success within their own companies.

Instagrams: @oohgoodiemoments (weddings) @oohgoodiesnapshots (lifestyle) @oohgoodieportraits (business prof.) @oohgoodieillustrations (illustration work) @oohgoodiecreative (graphic design)

Tustin, California
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