We’ve been experimenting with video in our marketing and we’ve learned there are many different ways to reach new audiences with video. 

Here are the top four ways to use video to generate awareness of your business:


1. Publish to YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, after Google. 

You can create your own channel on YouTube and publish videos there. This is what Jottful’s channel looks like:

Jottful YouTube channel

When you publish a video to your YouTube channel, you can include a description of the video’s content. This description, along with the title and information about who’s watching your videos, gives YouTube information they can use to show your video to people who are searching for content like yours. 

You may have noticed that video increasingly shows up prominently in Google search results. That’s because YouTube is owned by Google. So by publishing content on YouTube, you get access to both the world’s first and second most popular search engines!

video in Google search


2. Share on social media 

Your network already knows about you. But when they engage with your content, it is then shared with their network — giving your business more exposure. And research shows that videos are more likely to get engagement such as comments and likes than other types of content. So sharing videos can get you more exposure with a wider audience.


3. Share in email 

Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases the likelihood the email will be opened. 

Now, you can’t actually add the video in the email, but you can show a screenshot of it and link back to the video on your YouTube channel. 

Here’s an example of how we added video to one of our emails:

video in email


4. Run ads

The Google Ads platform (which is what you use to run ads on YouTube) and the Facebook ads platform both have excellent targeting capabilities. They’re really, really good at helping you find the right people for your content.

And video content shines in advertising. On Facebook, for example, video ads get clicked on 2-3 times as often as image ads. And, what’s more, they drive 20-30% more conversions.

And, at least for now, video ads on YouTube are inexpensive. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost per click compared to what you’d pay to run ads on Google’s search engine.



There are so many ways you can use video to generate awareness for your brand. What do you think might be most effective for your business?