With Cinco de Mayo coming up, small business owners can incorporate the holiday into their marketing. Here are five (of course!) Cinco de Mayo marketing ideas you can use in your small business:


1. Host an Alcohol-Free Cinco de Mayo Open House Party

Many Cinco de Mayo festivities revolve around alcohol and happy hours. Instead of creating another drink-related party, create an alcohol-free Cinco de Mayo marketing event for your space.

2. Set Up a Booth at a Local Cinco de Mayo Festival

You can’t expect people to drop their celebrations to visit your business — but you can bring your business to them!

Many communities celebrate the holiday with a festival. Have some of your team members set up a booth at a festival and meet people where they are.

3. Incorporate the Number 5 into Your Marketing

There are many ways you can incorporate the number 5 into deals and specials for your business, such as:
  • Buy four items, get the 5th item free
  • Give a goodie bag to the first five customers
  • Get 5%, 15%, 25% off any item
  • Give a special discount to every 5th (or 50th) customer
  • Have a specialty item available at the counter with purchase for $5

Pour some mocktails, cater some food, and allow your customers to shop until they drop at your Cinco de Mayo open house.

4. Partner with Nonprofit Organizations that Serve the Mexican Community in Your Neighborhood

In our recent article about creative ways to use your space, we talked about partnering with nonprofit organizations. Reach out to some local nonprofit organizations that serve the Mexican community near you. Create a partnership using some of the methods we talked about like hosting a shopping night for the organization on Cinco de Mayo.

5. Play Cinco de Mayo “Fact or Fiction” in Exchange for a Discount

Gather a list of facts about the holiday and make up some convincing, yet wrong falsehoods. When people come up to the register, let them know that they can get a certain percentage off their order if they guess the right answer.

Quick — test your knowledge: is Cinco de Mayo a celebration of Mexican Independence Day? Nope! Cinco de Mayo marks the day that the Mexican army won over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In the United States, it has become an occasion to celebrate Mexican culture.

Which Cinco de Mayo marketing ideas are you looking forward to using this year?