You’ve launched your website. It’s a big deal and you’re proud of the results. Now what?

You want your website to work for you and you know marketing activities could help. But which ones and how do you get started? Here are 5 ideas for you to try:

1. Announce on social media

Most social media platforms are free. Take advantage! Announce your new website to your followers on any of your accounts.

Include a link to your website. Call attention to a specific aspect (a spring sale, video, or great testimonial). Then, ask your friends to share it as well. Your followers’ curiosity will lead them to check out your website (promise!).

When to post where? Read this fun article with easy infographics!


2. Do the SEO basics

We’ve talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in other emails. *Spoiler – this topic will come up again! Here are a few basics you can do to set things up right from the beginning:

  • Conduct a keyword search analysis
  • Input those keywords throughout your website
  • Ensure you’re on the most important business directories

💡WEBSITE INSIGHT:  For this, we suggest hiring a professional. Send us an email at for more info on our SEO partner and his starter package and friendly pricing!

3. Start blogging

Hopefully, you set up your website with a blog. (If you missed it, read 5 Reasons to Consider Blogging).

Blogging keeps fresh content on your website. Visitors get a better sense of who you are and search engines like regular activity! When people read your blog posts, they spend more time on your website.

Not sure how often to post? Pick a regular cadence that you know you can maintain. Then, do it!


4. Get your email marketing working

Hopefully, you have a contact form on your website and you’re already collecting email addresses from customers and prospects.

Even if your list is small, start sending emails. Let’s say you write one blog post a month (or a week). Push that content out to your email list connecting them back to your website.

Ready to get started? Awesome! Try Mailchimp and start for free!


5. Set up Google Analytics

Let’s say you’re posting on social media, blogging, and sending emails. What’s working best to drive people to your website? How do you know how many are visiting your website and where they’re coming from?

Sign up for your free Google Analytics account. At Jottful, all we need is the simple “embed code” from your new account and we’ll link it to your site to begin tracking.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your website launched and now you’re beginning to market it!