Making sure your brand is used frequently and consistently is key to making it memorable. And every touchpoint with your would-be customers is an opportunity to build your brand. 

Here are five places where you can make your brand show up today.


brand on decor
1. Signage and decor

Whether it’s your colors, logo, or straight-up wacky style, make sure your workplace reflects your business’s brand personality.


brand on email signature
2. Email signatures

You and everyone on your team should incorporate your brand into your email signatures. Add your logo, use your typefaces, splash out with some color  — or even go crazy and try an animated GIF.

For more inspiration, read our blog post, 5 tips for an effective email signature.


brand on work attire
3. Work attire

Everyone on your team makes a brand impression. If your business has a dress code, make sure it reflects your brand style and includes elements such as the logo and color scheme. 

If you don’t have a dress code, consider getting your team some company swag!


brand on social media posts
4. Posts

All your everyday update channels — from your social media accounts to your video and podcast channels — should consistently represent your brand. Every post, every channel.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: Of course, your website blogs need to showcase your branding, too!


5. Marketing materials

Finally, it probably goes without saying that your brand should be reflected on all your marketing and advertising materials — both online and offline. But, hey, why not do a quick double-check to make sure it is?