LinkedIn is an important marketing channel for both professionals and companies, such as Jottful, that serve other businesses.

At Jottful, we’ve had considerable success on LinkedIn, so we’re sharing some of the tactics we’re using to successfully get exposure for our content. We’re also including real-life examples of our posts — along with the number of views they’ve received — here, too. Hope this helps and inspires you!


1. Build your network

Your first-level contacts are most likely to see your posts, so it makes sense to increase the size of your network. 

Start by searching for friends and former colleagues, then ask them to connect. Once you’ve exhausted your existing contacts, use LinkedIn to meet new people. Write personal connection requests to people who share interests with you.

Pro tip: people are more likely to connect with you than with your business. So write posts from your personal account, too. 


2. Make your content educational or entertaining

People are far more likely to engage with posts that teach them something or deliver an emotional reaction, from a laugh to a tear. So write each post with a goal to either educate or entertain. 

Pro tip: for very short posts, it’s okay to forgo an image; indeed, it can help focus attention on your words. For most posts, however, include an interesting photo, illustration, or video.  


3. Write an alluring lead

Make your first sentence count. It’s this first sentence that encourages viewers to read the full post… or not!


4. Avoid links in your post

The number of people who see your post is determined by LinkedIn’s (secret) algorithm. 

People who have tested many posts have found that putting a link in the post decreases the number of views. So it is recommended that, if you have a link, you comment on your own post as soon as you publish it — and you include the link in that first comment.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: To drive traffic to your website, include a link to a lead magnet in the first comment.


5. Ask others to like and comment right away

Posts that demonstrate early engagement (such as lots of likes and comments) in the first couple of hours are more likely to be boosted by LinkedIn’s algorithm. 

So email some people in your network right after you publish your post. Include the link to the post in the email and ask them to comment on it, straightaway. Offer to return the favor on their posts.

Pro tip: one great way to encourage others to comment and engage with your post is to @mention them in the text.