Is there anything more compelling than “free”? Just using the word gets people to take notice and evaluate what you have to offer. 

What could you give prospective buyers, at no charge, that they’d find valuable? Here are some ideas to inspire your brainstorming. 

did someone say free?

Did someone say “free”?


1. Free sample

Could you give away a small portion of what you have to offer? Samples give would-be customers a taste of what you can deliver them (reducing their risk) and can also serve as a way for you to qualify the prospect. 

You might try an initial consultation session or a mini version of your product (like you find at those tantilizing Costco taste-test stations or the perfume counter at your local department store). 


2. Free trial

Can you provide your service for free, but just for a limited time? This is popular for software companies who often offer 14-day trials. Does your product or service lend itself to a time-limited trial?


3. Freemium

In a freemium model, you make one aspect of your product free forever. It’s a no-cost version of your product and this, too, is very popular with software. With freemium, people use your product for a while and eventually run into reasons to upgrade: they hit usage limits or they want access to premium features. 

Is there one part of your offering that you could make forever free?


4. Free training

Can you teach your customers how to use your product? Or give them advice on how to take best advantage of the service you provide?  

Free training can be a great way to get reluctant would-be customers to make the purchase, especially if their hesitancy comes from concerns about to get the most value from it.


5. Free setup

What can you do to make it super easy for your would-be customers to get started? 

If they’re using a competitor product, for example, could you offer to move them over and set them up with your product instead? If you deliver a product to their home, could you also assist with the installation?


6. Free with purchase

This is the classic beauty-counter move: “buy today and we’ll throw in this cosmetic bag for free.” Is there something you could throw in to either sweeten an offer or create urgency?


7. Free as an incentive

What would encourage buyers to make the purchase right now or to make a larger purchase? For example, a retailer could offer free shipping or delivery if the customer spends $250 or more. A tuxedo-rental shop could throw in the groom’s tux at no charge if all the groomsmen in the wedding party rented from them.


In addition to adding a free element to your product or service, you might also give away free information in order to entice would-be customers to learn more about — and establish a relationship — with you. 

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