It’s never been more important to be visible online. Social media is an obvious place to accomplish that. 

But with social media platforms like Facebook prioritizing content from friends and family over content from businesses, how can you keep your brand top of mind? Here are five tips.

1. @Mention people

Whenever possible, give a shoutout to your partners, customers, and neighbors by using the @ symbol to “at-mention” them. This will ensure your post lands in their feed. 

If they engage with the post, by commenting, sharing, or liking it, it will also be seen by people in their network. 



2. Post from your personal account and ask people to engage with your content 

The social media algorithms determine what will show up in people’s news feeds. Many of them prioritize fresh content, from people (not businesses), that others are engaging with. 

So right after you post content that could be popular, share the link to the post with a few people and ask them to comment on it. This can help give your post a bump up, and increase the number of people who see it. 


3. Engage in Facebook groups

Find groups that are discussing topics related to your products or services. Then join the groups and engage regularly. When you see an opportunity, gently mention how your business could solve a member’s problem. 

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: You can even share a blog post from your website. Share a short yet interesting intro and don’t forget to include the link to your website blog.


4. Connect on LinkedIn

You can grow your network on LinkedIn simply by sending a compelling connection message. In fact, we now have more than 1300 members in Jottful Community (our nationwide network of online marketing experts) and most of them first learned about Jottful because we reached out and asked them to connect. 

For more tips on how to increase your brand’s exposure on LinkedIn, check out our post, 5 tips for getting more exposure on LinkedIn.



5. Post more frequently

How much time are you saving by not attending networking events right now? Reallocate some (or all!) of that time to being much more engaged on social media. 

Not every post needs to be long-form content you’ve spent a week researching. Prioritize exposure and repetition.