What is a brand voice? And why does your small business need one?

A brand voice is a way of communicating that is distinct, consistent across all media (no matter who is doing the speaking or writing on behalf of your company), and relevant to your audience. You can reflect your brand voice both in the topics you discuss and the words you [...]

5 things the best LinkedIn profiles have in common

With 630 million professionals using LinkedIn to generate business, strike partnerships, and find jobs or talent, it’s essential that your profile be appealing to relevant viewers. We’ve analyzed hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and have summarized here five things the very best LinkedIn profiles share — and that you can [...]

12 must-have images for your website

Today’s marketing tips come to us courtesy of Brittany Bennion Photography, a Michigan-based photographer and member of Jottful Community. Jottful Community is where small business owners can find the best local experts for their website and online marketing. Your business is more than just the products and services you sell; [...]

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5 Non-Gimmicky Ways to Get More People to Engage with your Small Business on Facebook

Simply by publishing interesting and share-worthy content on Facebook, you can reach your target audience organically — without spending money on ads or resorting to incessant polling and gimmicky giveaways (although we do all love giveaways!). Check the Facebook Insights for your Business page to see how many people are [...]

5 social media contests for marketing your small business

Running a social media contest can be a quick and lost-cost way to engage your followers, spread the word about your business beyond those followers, and capture contact information you can use to start a conversation with prospective new customers. Choose a prize, clarify how you’ll be determining the winner, [...]

5 Ideas for Keeping Your Website Content Fresh

Your business is dynamic and evolving. Shouldn't your website follow suit? Today, most websites are built in a content management system (CMS), which allows for regular updates. You can update your website as your business changes. Remember, search engines (and humans!) love fresh content. Now, what to update? Below are [...]