Showing up and being consistent when marketing your business is critical to success.

And consistency is easiest to maintain when there’s some sort of system in place.

In this episode, Jackie will reveal how to develop a lightweight system that’s appropriate for marketing a small business. She’ll help us understand what common software applications we might need to maintain such a system, including: CRM, email marketing, appointment booking, and more. Learn how all the pieces can fit together to make your marketing simple and effective.

EPISODE 34 | 26 minutes



Jackie Zimmerman is the Queen of Getting Shit Done.

On an average day, you can find her designing and launching digital content for entrepreneurs, advocating for women-owned businesses, and generally helping everyone around her increase their productivity by about five hundred percent. She specializes in creating captivating web design, guiding online course creation, and implementing time-saving productivity systems.

As an expert in turning lemons into lemonade, Jackie has channeled two chronic illness diagnoses into a side career in patient advocacy. She founded a nonprofit community for women with IBD and/or ostomies called Girls with Guts, and her patient advocacy game is so strong she’s written eBooks, advocated in Washington, given keynote speeches and launched various platforms to support patient care.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Jackie knows how to convert creative energy into successful ventures, and she is passionate about inspiring small business owners to dream big. She is especially invested in helping women demand their worth and dominate their field; as such, she created The GSD Collective, a virtual rolodex of powerful women and women-run organizations which she can personally recommend.

Jackie is also a Jottful Community member.


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