EP9 Hilary Kirchner content marketing graphic

Blog posts, social posts, podcasts, webinars — there are so many content opportunities for your business! But content marketing can quickly become a time suck if you don’t have a clear objective and plan.

In this episode of Marketing Made Easy by Jottful, Hilary helps us understand:

  • What “content marketing” encompasses
  • Why it could be a smart strategy for your business
  • How to create content that captures your audience’s attention
  • And how to do it all with a limited budget and time

EPISODE 9 | 29 minutes



Hilary Kirchner believes that just because something’s complex doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. That’s why she founded Dream Write Creative, a writing and editorial services agency specializing in content marketing for science-based industries. As owner and CEO, she helps organizations blend immersive storytelling with proven educational strategies so their content converts passive audiences into brand advocates.

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