Chelsey Knuth, aka: The Wisconsinista, knew nothing about social media marketing. But she was inspired to share photos of her home state on Instagram.

She slowly grew a loyal following and a flourishing side gig as a “creator.” Her Instagram account now appears on the first page of search results for “Wisconsin influencer” and garners her 20 clients a year seeking to reach her audience.

In this episode, Chelsey will share how your business can work with creators like her to market your services. You’ll learn: How do you appeal to creators? What campaigns could you run with them? How do you compensate them?

Marketing tactics discussed in this episode include:

  • Building a social media audience
  • How to run influencer campaigns
  • How to work with influencers

EPISODE 30 | 30 minutes



Chelsey created an Instagram account called The Wisconsinista shortly after graduating from college in 2018. The brand was dedicated to filling a gap that she noticed in tourism marketing – specifically, a large gap in the coverage of destinations between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts within mainstream travel advertising. Enter: the Midwest.

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