We’re watching a lot of videos. And video is an incredibly effective medium for marketers. In fact, 88% of marketers say video gives them a positive return on investment.

Video is especially good at capturing attention, inspiring engagement, building relationships, and getting people to take action. Here are five reasons you should start ramping up your video marketing.


1. Videos drive action

From “click the link to subscribe” to “try this now,” videos are especially good at moving viewers to follow directions and take immediate action. 

We know you’ve seen how a lot of businesses are now using video marketing through Tiktok and Instagram Reels!


2. Buyers rely on video during the decision-making process

Four times as many of us would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

With video, we can actually see the product or service in action. This allows us to really grasp how it works and imagine how we could incorporate it into our own lives. Watching a video demonstration gives us greater confidence we’ll make a wise purchase decision.



3. Videos can create brand awareness

Video marketers see a 54% increase in brand awareness with their content among audience members.

So, go ahead: share your story and showcase your customer testimonials. Create a drumbeat of brand-building content through the consistent and frequent use of video (including live streaming!), especially across your social media channels.



4. If a photo says a thousand words, a video can communicate ten thousand

Some concepts are just more difficult to communicate with photos and words than with moving images and sound. Culture. Emotion. Passion. Personality. 

Video can give your brand a way to authentically communicate those things that make it special and unique.

💡 WEBSITE INSIGHT: You can embed a Youtube video into your website. This is especially helpful if you want to show a video demo, a testimonial video, or any type of video that you think your audience would find valuable.


5. Video is especially great for educating and entertaining

Gary Vaynerchuck, the social-media marketing guru, often says your marketing content either needs to educate or entertain. What better medium to educate and entertain than video?

Convinced? Then let’s get started! Check out our blog post: 5 easy and low-cost ways to use video in your marketing